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Most of these services are available by phone and in person (readings & spiritual healing). Prices could vary per special that may be running. Call or Text Psychic Starla at 210-504-9010 for today's rates on any services.

Psychic Readings

Price Range: $55-$250

San Antonio Palm Readings, Texas Palm Reader, Palmistry, Psychic Palm Readings, Palm Reader Near Me
Palm reading, or palmistry, is a reading of the hand that reveals a person’s story based on the various lines. If you’re interested in a palm reading, then consider visiting Psychic Starla, where she prioritizes customer satisfaction above all else. From heart line to life line, she can help you gain a perspective on your life. The reading usually begins by reading the person’s dominant hand. From there, Psychic Starla will convey information about one’s past life or karma. Your worries will be laid to rest as long as you’re aware of the issues that surround you! This reading can only be done in person!

San Antonio Tarot Reader, Tarot Readings, Card Readings, Tarot Psychic
Tarot cards have become a solidified tool that has been used by psychics and spiritual healers for thousands of years. The ability to allow you to see and understand identifying symbols through the translation of psychic energy brings forth levels of accuracy for hidden truths. Expect an indepth and private tarot card reading with Starla and her spiritual tarot card deck. Allow her to walk through your spread with an open and honest approach for an easy understanding and translation of the energies the cards will be communicating. Reads past, present and one full year into the future. Focuses on love, marriage, family, business, career and health. Clears confusion, gives positive guidance and answers questions at the end of the reading.

San Antonio Love Psychic, Twin Flame Psychic, Soulmate Readings, Relationship Specialist
Combination of tarot cards, direct energy, spiritual vibration & 2 energy crystals. This reading channels through your partner's heart and mind to reveal what he/she is really thinking and feeling for you. (Have you wondered if your partner is being faithful? Has there been a sudden change? Have you been through a break up and want to see if you will be together again in the future?) This reading answers all relationship questions. Also reads the energy and connection strength, and the outcome of the relationship within 12 months. Full name and date of birth, or photo is required at the time of the reading.

San Antonio Crystal Ball Readings, Crystal Reader, Crystal Healer, Scryer, Scrying, Texas Crystals
Crystal ball readings, also known as scrying, are used to perceive and witness what is usually hidden or unknown. This act of fortune-telling has been around for centuries. Even though staring into a crystal ball may seem like a myth or has been used too heavily in pop culture, there is an art and a sacredness behind this act of divination. If you are searching for clarity, otherworldly advice, or insight on upcoming events, consider making a crystal ball reading a part of your future.

Party & Event Planning

Price Range: $125 per hour & UP

Hire San Antonio Psychic, San Antonio Fortune Teller for Party, Psychic for Events, Tarot Readings for Parties

If you are wanting to hire a psychic/fortune-teller for your next special event, Psychic Starla can be hired to appear and offer her readings and psychic services to your guests! Readings are great for any type of party or occasion such as bachelorette parties, birthday parties, halloween parties, corporate events, family/high school reunions and much more! Please contact Starla for her event pricing!

Spiritual Services

Price Range: $250 & UP

Love Psychic in San Antonio, Texas, Twin Flame Psychic Readings, Soulmate Readings, Love Coaching, Psychic Reunites Lovers, Stop Divorce, Heal Marriage, Reuniting Lovers, San Antonio Love Spells, San Antonio Spellcaster
LOVE METHODS (Reuniting Lovers, Stop Divorce, Heal Broken Relationships)
Have you been broken up or feel like your losing the one you love? Don't give up! A love method can help you get your partner back. Restoring & enhancing love, passion, trust, intimacy, happiness & commitment. Starla's love methods are very powerful and are only intended to help relationships with a strong and REAL connection.

San Antonio, Texas Chakra Healer, Chakra Balancing, Chakra Crystals, Chakra Candles, Aura Cleansing, Aura Healing, Aura Reading, Aura Photography
Chakras play an important role in the spiritual body. We have 7 chakras, and a result of energetic imbalance among the chakras is an almost continuous feeling of dissatisfaction. A chakra balance with Psychic Starla will align your energies to properly function so you can give & receive to the fullest.

San Antonio Limpia, Texas Healer, Curandera, Botanica, Psychic Healing, Spiritual Cleansing
A spiritual energy cleansing will remove spiritual, mental or emotional blockages that you recently have, or have accumulated over the years. Spiritual blocks are often due to situations you have negatively dealt with or people you have encountered in this lifetime or in past lifetimes. When a spiritual blockage is so severe it can completely take you off your path in life. By completing a spiritual energy cleansing, you'll finally be able to: achieve & conquer the things in life you feel you were meant to experience, be with the people you feel you were meant to be with & live the life you feel you're destined to live.

Meditation Research, Aura Cleansing, Reiki Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching, Karma Cleansing, Channeling, Feng-shui, Crystal Healing, Stops Addiction, Spiritual & Intuitive Growth, etc.

If there is something else you feel you are in need of that is not listed here, please contact Psychic Starla and she will let you know if it is something she can help you with.

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